Friends we’ve met along the way

We’ve met some great people in our travels and a few of them have blogs which may interest you.

Jacques and Mandy
A lovely couple from South Africa, we me them in Egypt when they were on their incredible drive from Australia to their home in Cape Town. They’ve since done cycling trips from Bali to China, and a motorbike trip around the Balkans. Where to next for them? Click here to find out… 

Paul and Emma

Its not often you meet a dog that has a twitter account but Paul and Emma’s dog Ozzi is recording his wanderings around Europe form a dogs point of view (obviously) and believ it or not she’s writing a book too – very clever dog.


  1. Love the new site Jon, happy travels! xxx

  2. Great to meet you guys in Marakesh and hope we meet up again !! I have been doing some searching about the Mauritanian Visa and found the following. I will keep you updated–12-891350-146-lang2-index.html
    Our web address points to our Facebook page
    Rgds Richard and Sslly

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