All packed up and ready to go

Posted by on 27, Jan 2020 in 2020 - Winter in Taiwan, Taiwan, Tilly the Tandem

All packed up and ready to go

This year we’re off to Taiwan to circumnavigate the island in an anti clockwise direction, hopefully taking full advantage of the winds down the west coast to get our fitness back before we hit the hills on the east coast.

We’re flying with KLM from Norwich and have as usual got to strip Tilly down to the bare essentials to get in our weight and size limits. We have 23kg and dimensions of 205 x 25 x 75 to squeeze her into and surprisingly this year it was all fairly straight forward. Sadly our battery on the phone ran out at the end of the time-lapse video below toward the end.

But we are all packed and, as usual, we’ve reached the stage of not really wanting to go! We do this every year, plan it, get excited about going and as the departure date arrives we’re wishing we could stay in Taffy instead!

Once we’ve arrived we always get over this (or always have done in the past) so I’m sure we will be fine upon arrival. I have no idea why we both feel that way as we love being on Tilly more than any thing else. Bizzare.