Attack of the killer bees….

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Attack of the killer bees….

Lavender Conditioner and rose shampoo sound lovely (to the ladies at least!) but it’s always confused me why women want to smell like a garden so much. Now I know! It’s so that when you go for a walk in Morocco, in the less lush areas, the local bees think the all you can eat buffet has just turned up! Poor Linda went for a short walk down to the river on her own and came running back calling my name covered in bees. They’d obviously confused Moulton Brown’s finest bathroom products for the real thing and were busy swarming around her. We had a 60 second swat and swipe manoeuvre against them and I bundled Linda into the van and then legged it around the camp site looking like a mad men being (!) chased by irate bees who thought I’d just taken their lunch away. I managed to lose them and dashed into the van and then had to remove the remaining little beasts from Linda’s hair and coax them out of the door with out letting their colleagues in who were hovering around the door waiting for desert to be served.

Linda was quite shaken up by this and had been stung a number of times, all on her head, so I had to chase down the stings with a pair of tweezers carefully removing the stingers where I could. A stiff Brandy was called for and Linda vowed to use non scented hair products until we get back to the more lush areas of Morocco. 

We seem a bit injury prone at the moment – I, being all macho and adonis like as  recognised by the Moroc Telecom  ‎ladies in an earlier blog, have cracked or torn a tendon on my rib cage doing battle with… an orange press, which I suppose is better than last year where I managed to do exactly the same injury when adjusting the saddle on our Tandem! Still, as I managed to put my back out once picking a sock up I’m definitely improving. 

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  1. Damn those pesky bees and plenty of tlc and hugs for Linda. They can buzz off..

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