Bite me!

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Bite me!

Bob Geldoff would be proud of Linda, she’s really taken the “Feed the World Message” to heart this year, only she’s concentrating on the Insect World. 

After the Attack of the killer bees Linda’s avoided anything that’s buzzed and there have been some enormous buzzers here but the silent “No See ’ems”‎ as they are called in Canada have been feasting on her despite wearing long sleeves and trousers.   Poor Linda now looks like a dot to dot book and the pattern on her back traces a nice bulls eye to aid the little midges tagetting. And it’s not just Mosquitoes either, even the house flies appear to bite her here.  Linda has bites next to bites and bites on bites she looks like she’s got chickenpox And I’ve not been bitten once. This seems to be common with other couples reporting the preference of the flies for the ladies too. Which makes sense here when you consider the women do all the work and the men drink coffee all day and talk.

We’re now well on our way to the coast having come through the Anti Atlas yesterday. It was a fabulous drive of 200km and we passed maybe a dozen cars in total. The road had again been washed away in the winter floods at the river crossings and you were diverted off onto tracks that crossed the gravel river beds. Linda didn’t enjoy this bit much as the riverbanks were so steep even I thought  Taffy ‎might ground at the front as we came down them.

The road wound up through the mountains to a pass at 1888m ( 6200ft) through tiny hamlets which looked ancient and along stretches of road where half the carriageway had simply fallen off the side of the mountain and been marked by a few stones to stop you doing likewise. Much of the road was gravel and the only traffic was the smiling women carrying huge loads of animal feed on their backs or if they were lucky on a donkey.‎ As we dropped back down the Anti atlas there was still no evidence of men – just numerous women cutting corn by hand on tiny terraced strips of land on the side of the hills all waving and smiling at us as we drove past.

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