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We’ve stayed down at Zagora for 4 days now and actually had another camper join us for one night – father Christmas on Holiday, large bellied, long flowing white hair and a zizi top white beard down to his belly. All he needed to do was go ho ho ho to complete the image.

This morning we got up and got ready to cycle off and heard gun shots. Normally in Europe you’d just ignore it, but here even we stopped and waited for a while to see what happened next (nothing!) before cycling off  around the palmeria to look for the lemon groves mentioned in our guide book (and try to find out where the shots came from)  We couldn’t  for the life of us find either of them! And with the wind blowing the sand up making everything appear as though it were in fog gave up and came home getting well and truly lost and ending up having to push Tilly across a couple of kilometers of desert (which is not fun) to get to a track we could cycle on. 

Time to move on…

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