Farewell all!

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Farewell all!

‎Apparently this may be our last blog entry ever as we’ve now arrived in Spain. We’ve been warned that we’ll be gassed, mugged, robbed, flagged down by fake police, hijacked, kidnapped, impaled with iron bars and thrown to the Spanish inquisition by other motor homers and from what people tell us we’re taking our lives in our hands just crossing the border. Anyone would think we’re going to Syria. People paint a very bleak picture of safety in Spain. Even the FCO join in with warning about crime here.

Anyway, we’ve said sod it we’re going anyway and we’re here in Palamos just north of Barcelona (that is if someone hasn’t stolen it yet). So, Welcome to Spain….‎ errr, well, actually we’re not sure we are in Spain after all. They don’t speak Spanish, we’ve not seen the Spanish flag for all the Catalonian ones and they tell me that Barcelona should play in the French league! They were bitterly disappointed that the Scots didn’t vote for independence , probably less so than the English were, but they seriously don’t want to be Spanish. One barman was adamant he was Catalan, not Spanish. “Our culture is different, we are a separate region, we do not want to be Spanish” “So you don’t support Spain in the world cup then? I asked?. “Ah” he replied stumped! And to top it all they tell us the Spanish hate them! As one eloquent peice of graffiti put it “Catalunya is not Spin”. Which may not have been exactly what the artist was getting at.

But it is a beautiful province/ occupied country depending on your politics. It’s prosperous, very tidy and well kept, good infrastructure and some great cycling. And windy. I know, it followed us here!

We’ve actually come here to cycle the Via Verdes, the Green Ways‎, which are old railway lines converted to cycle tracks. This area is very hilly so following old railway lines is the best way to cycle – you never get really steep hills, but they do go on for a very long time sometimes – 5 or 6 km. But the views and scenery are well worth it.

We’ve just returned from a cycle trip to Girona where we stayed in a gorgeous B&B and went on the town for the night! Would you believe we found a veggie Tapas Bar amongst the numerous ones we visited. It’s a really gorgeous old city, no cars, just gorgeous buildings, bars and restaurants.

So we’re planning on cycling some more here for a couple of days then heading on to see Barcelona – Don’t worry we’re staying at a Campsite in Barcelona that makes Colditz look like a holiday camp so Taffy should be safe…

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  1. See you when you get back – unscathed. If we’ve survived Spain all these years I’m sure you will too! Xxx

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