Hash, Stoned and high….

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Hash, Stoned and high….

Calm down, its not what you think… The Atlas mountains are huge, you can be driving at 1800m and be at the bottom of a valley growing corn in 30C temperatures whilst snow covers the top of the mountains in the distance. They really are monster mountains!

You may recall that Linda had always wanted to go to Morocco, which once you see the size of these mountains and take into account lindas fear of heights you may well ask yourself why she wanted to go.

Coming down the pass towards Fez the road clung precariously to the side of the mountains and Linda clung to the arms of the chair and constantly used the imaginary Dashboard foot brake despite us crawling down the pass at 15kph. Each hair pin bend swung out over the edge of the cliff and Taffy seemed to hang in mid air as we rounded the bends, and it was always on Linda’s side too, add this to the usual lack of crash barriers, chunks of the road that had fallen away leaving bottomless pot holes and by the time we reached the valley Linda was extremely relieved to say the least (at least that was my interpretation of her comment “Thank f@@@ for that”. )Maybe we’ll stick to Holland!

It is quite extraordinary how the mountains just stop in a completely flat valley (ironically just like Holland) as if someone has ironed the landscape flat. Our drive in mini Holland didn’t last though as we set off back up another mountain side to head back towards Europe. The road was lined with children all wanting sweets pens and cash and after evading most of them one toddler threw a tiny stone at taffy. I stopped and he looked terrified and legged it into his house. We drove on and then got boarded as we drove past a large group of teenagers – One on each wing mirror. Nothing for it speed up, swerve and send them plummeting to their deaths over the edge of the cliffs, oh alright, we stopped after a couple of kilometres and let them off.

And then we had Hash for tea – which is a potato stew with no narcotics (apart from Marmite) in it.

See, told you not to get excited!

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