Hold tight… Ooops!

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Hold tight… Ooops!

To Georgia_005After a lovely night in our roadside plot up by the crashing waves of the Black Sea we were just having our customary tea in bed when the heavens opened in what can only be described as a storm of apocalyptic proportions. Within a few seconds the water was coming through the air con unit as if someone was pouring a bucket of water straight into the van. Clearly our tiny roof drains were totally inadequate and it was all hands to the buckets.

It is hard to imagine how much water was gushing into Taffy but suffice it to say I never want to go into a submarine! Quick thinking was required – that or arm bands – and having just been described in an email to Linda as a ‘special breed’ expected too.

A couple of Lindas friends have recently had man problems and been chatting with her on email. So our email has been full of certain statements about Men being born out of wed lock! So Linda thought she would defend me a bit – Hence the origins of Linda’s statement. So I thanked her by promptly trying to kill her!

My new found ego fuelled by the “Special Breed” tag lept into action and I yelled hang on and drove the van forward stopping suddenly to jetison our on board roof top swimming pool. A sound plan I am sure you will agree. One oversight though being what Linda, two buckets in hand standing dead centre of the van, was supposed to hang on to and with what? So, all progressed well during the forward bit of our doomed journey but Linda continued forward as Taffy stopped and complete with 2 full buckets of water fell on the floor banging her back quite badly and as she couldn’t move nearly drowning in the slopping water freed from the bucket. My title of “Special breed” having been held for a good 10 minutes was replaced by another which didn’t sound so nice.

Anyway, Linda is now resting in bed and is just badly bruised and no serious damage (except to my title) has been done. We will be staying in our layby for today and we will see how Linda is in the morning.

PS. Some of you may feel it is unfair to poke fun at Linda when she is flat on her back, those of you who are married will realise its the only time! I did read all this to Linda before posting to the Blog and she laughed out loud, screamed and clipped me round the ear!

Still, every cloud has a silver lining – beans on toast for tea me thinks!

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