It’s windy – and it’s not cos we’re Veggie!

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It’s windy – and it’s not cos we’re Veggie!

When we left the South of France in September it was windy and suffering from horrendous floods and now we’ve arrived back it’s even windier and all evidence of the floods has gone. It’s been so windy that on one night we felt sea sick as Taffy rolled around in the 100kph gusts and on another we stayed in doors as it was seriously unpleasant outside. Some of our fellow campers have moved off the key where we are parked and headed for shelter in the middle of the night as it’s been so bad.

I’ve always wanted to see what a hurricane was like – well I don’t anymore! This is close enough for me! It’s actually quite frightening how violent some of the gusts can be, especially on the tandem. We chose on one less windy day to cycle along the coast. Some sections we rolled along like a steam train and others it felt like we were cycling through treacle. ‎But one side effect of the. Wind is that it’s been quite sunny too.

Most of the shops and restaurants are still shut up but the towns on the coast are full of activity with builders and decorators getting it all ship shape for the coming season and although we had a great time here we don’t think we’d like to be here in high season.‎ We’ve been spoilt as the roads are deserted and the one bakery that is open is fantastic. We’ve happily cycled up one way streets the wrong way and even roundabouts the wrong way, I think we could have a picnic in the middle of the road if we liked, it’s been that quiet. We’ve managed to find canals to cycle and not fall into despite a few near misses and visited Narbonne (lovely) on Tilly which was a slog there into the wind and a wonderful wind assisted cycle back. Everyone is still wrapped up like it’s the middle of winter here even though it’s been about 16C.

But, We’re running low on sea sickness pills so we’re off towards Spain in the morning to try and out run the wind.

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