Jon in Louis Vuitton? Whatever next…

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Jon in Louis Vuitton? Whatever next…

Well here’s something you never thought you’d see, Jon in Louis Vuitton! No I’ve not got all extravagant and splashed out for a £3 Primark shirt sold for £300 because it’s got some logo on it, we’ve in fact gone to the Louis Vietton Modern Art Gallery.

This is a fabulous building, all glass wood and steel with strange angles and some really weird ‘art’ in it. You know, the art that really sets me off on a proper Reed rant. The auditorium had colour swatches from the deluxe paint range hung on the wall with some caption of how it represents the struggle of man with his soul or some such twaddle, rather than Property of ICI paints. People were standing thoughtfully hands on chins gazing deeply into “Sunset Yellow ” (available in Satin or Gloss) looking all intellectual making me feel I’m really missing something. Or perhaps they were just fascinated by paint charts as no one seems to paint anything outside of Paris.

There were photos of people that most of us would have deleted and then the bit of wood in the corner representing nature’s….blah blah blah. Sorry, most of this modern art I just don’t get – anymore than someone paying 10 times as much for an item of clothing because it has a label on it, but each to their own.

The gallery is well worth a visit architecturally (assuming I’m not ranting away next to you) and there are some great interactive exhibitions – shadows on walls, mirrors, touch an asteroid‎ etc. And If you really like enormous colour swatches or have a fetishism for the B&Q paint isle then you’ll love it even more.

I do feel sorry for Linda though, as my back is still not working properly which meant I had to amble through all the galleries slowly as if I was enjoying it, just increasing the rant time for Linda, who actually had to help me walk anyway so couldn’t let go of me or else I’d fall over, though the temptation must have been great! I’m surprised she didn’t just leave me there with a caption saying “grumpy old man”‎ hung round me neck. She’d probably have got a few millions for me….

But, there was some what I’d call proper art – things that look like they take talent and skill to create ‎and though I wasn’t keen on some I could see and appreciate the artists ability.

The building is set in some lovely gardens but we could only look at them as my ability to walk further than to the bike was non existent. Fortunately when I’m on the tandem we’re able to move freely. It’s a though stretching helps and standing doesn’t. What this effectively means is we cycle from coffee shop to Taffy and back via loads of monuments and do some sightseeing. A highly enjoyable way to see Paris.

Our campsite is next to the longchamp race course which has an enormous road around it that has been turned into a cycle track. Every morning when we leave the campsite we get on to this route for a short way and are always over taken by the tour de France guys in their massive swarms who seem to orbit the racecourse in perpetuity. ‎It’s quite funny as we are going fast for us but appear to be stationary when they go whizzing past and Linda always has the giggles as they zoom away. It must be the Lycra – glad I’m all Lycra’d up myself now!

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