Nerves and Fears

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Nerves and Fears

We tend to plan 4 or 5 trips for every 1 we actually do. We have a habit of changing our minds and being a bit like kids in a sweet shop and having too many places we want to go to! But planning is half the fun so we actually have twice the fun for half the tours!

But, once we have actually planned it and bought the tickets our excitement tends to evaporate. We start to get cold feet think we can’t do the trip and this year, events have conspired to make us think Linda’s friend “fate” didn’t want us to go on a tour at all! I broke a tooth, the toilet and water froze on Taffy, the pool boiler started to play up, I broke my glasses, the next day delivery frames failed to arrive in time because of the snow (so I’m travelling around with Dental floss and super glue holding my glasses together) our hire van broke down on the way to the airport and when we arrived at the airport we tried to check into the wrong hotel. All minor things but they all happened so close to us buying our plane tickets it did actually cross our mind that “fate” was getting a bit uppity!

Anyway, I don’t believe in all that stuff so we set off regardless! Even so, sitting on the plane I did think “Why are we going to the US? I’d rather go to bed in Taffy than a tent, and it’s an awful long way to cycle on roads where the death rate for cyclists is extraordinarily high and they have cycle lanes on 6 Lane freeways.” But it’s too late once you’re on the plane, and anyway, I feel this everytime we ever set off on any big trip!

It’s just a stage I go through. Excitement, booking, apprehension, regret, resignment, then enjoyment. I have no idea why my mind works like this but I know that when we come to go home eventually I’ll be sad to leave, probably!

So, America here we come, and fingers crossed, our ability to visit a country and cause a revolution, or coup shortly after leaving continues to work like a charm – watch out Donald, Tilly’s coming to Trumpton!

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  1. I can hear you saying these words Jon! Wishing you both the best of luck and can’t wait to read your next instalment! ? Em xxx

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