Oh, now I see why women do all the work…

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Oh, now I see why women do all the work…

‎We’ve been sitting on the Atlantic beach today, between the plastic bags, tin cans and broken glass on what would otherwise be a fantastic beach. Sadly the Moroccans throw their rubbish anywhere, well, actually they don’t so much as throw it as just drop it after unwapping  ice creams, sweets etc. Just where they are standing.   Villages do seem to have more ordered rubbish organisation – they throw their rubbish in the river, often upstream of the village and then do their washing downstream. If you’ve ever wondered why the oceans have so much plastic in them my bet is most of it comes from Morocco!

Anyway, whilst on the beach a group of students arrived in front of us with a tent. 2 boys and 4 girls, all around 20. The two boys spent 20 minutes painfully slowly putting the tent together in a howling gale. It seems to be always blowing a gale on the Atlantic Coast. Eventually they got to the pegging it down bit and 3 of the girls had been to the sea for a swim and come back whilst the 4th was looking a bit exasperated by the speed and efficiency of the men, having done her hair, nails and a half marathon. 
The girls had had enough so took over and a few seconds later had the tent on the ground and pegged down leaving the boys to finish off. Another 10 minutes of prodding and poking guy ropes and looking for rocks and they eventually shrugged and said in universal sign language “Sod it – it’ll have to do”. Just to be safe they made one of the girls sit in the tent to stop it blowing away.

Moral of the story, if you want a job doing properly (or before the sun goes down) then get a woman to do it., which is why the women end up doing all the work whilst the men sit in the cafes…

Anyway, we rounded off our last day in Morocco by getting all dolled up (we got some strange looks on the campsite after us having spent our entire time there in Lycra suddenly appearing in posh frock and high heels (and Linda looked fab too (or foxy as Emma Burton would say) ) then crossing the road from the campsite to the 5 star luxury celebrity hotel for a cocktail whilst the sun set. Fabulous way to end the trip.

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