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Ali’s Digital version of her Motorhome book

If you are new to motorhoming or want to start then Ali Kingston has written a 5* reviewed book about the pros and cons of various types of motorhomes and about her adventures with her husband Mike. you can buy the book in digital and paperback versions with links above and below.

Paperback Cover

Ali’s Paperback version of her Motorhome book


  1. Thanks for placing the links Jon. Have you read it yet? You, Linda, Tilly, Taffy and Pumpkin all get a mention 😉 xxx

    • No probs, haven’t read it yet, sorry!

  2. I can’t get the links to work. Is it me or the BlackBerry? Xxx

    • Works find on the link page on my phone (which uses the Mobile version of the site) but I don’t get the full web version so can’t test the Home Page .

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