We slipped through Greece

Posted by on 8, Jun 2010 in Europe, Greece, Macedonia

We slipped through Greece

As usual we’ve spent far too long in Germany and so we decided to drive through Greece in a couple of days. We left Macedonia and re-entered the EU to find the landscape change immediately once more. The farming became intensive and properties looked more prosperous. You wouldn’t believe there was any crisis in Greece from the little we saw. We picked a stellplatz en route and found we had by chance stopped at the site of Alexander the Greats fathers tomb. This was only found recently and was completely in tact with the burial artifacts as they were almost 2500 years ago. The jewellry was exquisite and some of the gold items were huge. Linda was feeling very hard done by but at least she doesn’t have to voluntarily sacrifice herself once I die like Alexander the greats fathers wife. It really is worth a visit and we were lucky enough to have the museum, which has been built over the tombs to preserve them in situ, to ourselves and were relieved to see thousands of kids forming up outside when we were leaving and not as we arrived. Visit early us our advice!

Google maps once again helped us find a wonderful overnight stop near the Turkish border for the next evening. Scouring the coast on the satellite view we found a small deserted beach and headed for it. We parked about 10 m from the waves and had a lovely peaceful night in preparation for Istanbul!

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